Inspired by his artist friends, Soukawa infuses new meaning into gravel cycling and celebrates how locally produced frames can be customized for the local needs. Whether adventuring down small gravel paths within the city limits, riding out of the city to listen to his friends practice their music, or strapping his fishing pole to his bike for an all-day adventure in the foothills of the mountain south of the city, Soukawa has built his bikes to suit the riding he and his friends do in and around their city. Less about racing than adventuring and highlighting a blend of practical with fantastic, Soukawa’s Corner Bikes strive to create a space from which local riders and friends can cultivate and expand a singular gravel scene.

Made in Sakai City Japan shimano GRX limited
Building a custom gravel bike Corner bikes Japan Shimano GRX Limited
Soukawa new custom Gravel bike
Gravel bike drawing plans
Corner custom gravel bikes
building a custom gravel bike
riding custom gravel bikes in Sakai city Japan shimano GRX limited
Shimano GRX Limited riding gravel in Japan
Riding gravel in Sakai City Japan with Shimano GRX Limited

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